25% Divident declared on 2016-17


Majority of the members in the jurisdiction as businessmen  and small scale traders. Bank    has only few agriculturists as it members. There for the agricultural loan is the marginal.    Banks also provided short term medium term loan to the members.

  1. Kissan credit card
  2. Short term loans such as Non agricultural short term loans (NAST) Non agricultural short term loans to self employment (NASTSE) Gold loan etc.
  3. Medium term loans such as mortgage loans (MTL), Non agricultural medium term loans (NAMT) etc.
  4. Housing loan
  5. Over draft


  1, Kissan credit cards scheme
  Bank issue the kissan credit cards, to farmer who are eligible for sanction of production   credit of Rs.5000/-  and above.
  It aim at adequate and timely support from banking system to the farmers for there cultivation needs including purchase of inputs in a flexible and cost effective members for fixing the limit the bank take into account the entire production need in relation to scale of finance it is a revolving cash credit accommodation and the holder can withdraw an reply money at his convenience. The rate of interest is 3.5%



 The period of short term loans is 15 month
 This loan is allowed to :

  1. To purchasing seed, fertilizer, agricultural equipments etc.
  2. To buying the catter and cattle feeds.
  3. To buying the raw materials and other instruments to rural small scale industries.
  4. For small scale industries
  5. Providing sub employments to farmers.
  6. To purchasing food grains and other necessary things.
  7. To for agricultural crop purpose.
  8. To buying vehicle.

           NAST and NASTESE loans are come under this short term loans. Non agricultural short term loans (NAST) hare 12% of interest rates. Non agriculture short term self employment (NASTSE) loans are issued to “AYALKOOTTAM” groups (Group of house hold women) for Self employment. Its interest rate is only 10% maximum amount is 10,000/- rupees. Then loans are issued under the security of a personal.


 The period of medium term loans are 5 years maximum amount issued as medium  term loans is  three lakh. Medium term loans is in two types. (a). mortgage loans  and (b).NAMT loans.

a) Mortgage loans   

This loan is allowed to under the security of immovable properties of land.

Amount Interest Rate
Above 50000/-  12%

b) NAMT loans

Non agricultural medium term loans are issued to employee on the security of salary certificates. Now this loan is not issued because most of the employee do not refunded the loan amount and they leave the jurisdiction of the bank through transfers.

 In crop loan system the farmers are permitted to avail fresh loan only after repaying the first  loan. But it is possible only to farmers resorting to a particular variety of crop assistance to cultivate the second crop may arix.
For cultivator of Coconut, Rubber and the like, which may ensure periodical returns, cash credit facilities shall be provide in which the farmers my be entitled to draw money and reply at their convenience when it is needed. A security furnished under contouring guarantee may facilitate continues operation on the account enabling  availability of credit at his demand. The operation is used to be reviewed by the managing committee an defaulters will be deprived of the facility. The credit or debit on their account is expected to be equal for credit balance, 1%above the saving bank account interest rate (5%)is offered.


 Our gold loan scheme offer funds for nominal interest to agriculturists. For a spar of  3  months, 6 months and  1 year.

Interest rate of gold loans

Rate of 1 gram gold Period Interest Rate
 Rs. 2150  6 months  9.75%
 Rs.2200  3 Months  10.25%
 Rs.2050 1 year 9% 
 Rs.2150  for agriculturists  6 Months  7%
 Rs.2050  for Agriculture and allied activities  12 Months  8.75%

This agriculture loan is allowed up to 1 lakh and other loans to are 5 lakh maximum.



 Advancing loans for construction of new houses, purchase of new house and repair or  renovation of exiting houses. The loan limit is for 3 lakh and the time limit is 10 year.



  This loan is accessible to members and non members. Loans are sanctioned up to 90% there   deposit amount while pledge going the deposit receipt. The interest of deposit loan is 2% more than the deposit interest.



  Bank permit over drafts to their customers on current accounts. Customers are allowed to   withdraw more than the balance available in their account in advance. It is allowed only on the previous arrangement with the banker.

         LOAN SCHEME

  Deposit Amt Int % Duration Remarks
1  Gold Loan        
   Ordinary Loan 2125/gm 10% 3 months  
   Ordinary Loan 1875/gm 9% 12 month  
   Special Loan 2000/gm 9.5% 6months  
   Agri.Gold Loan 1700/gm 7% 6months  
2  Dairy Development  Loan 20000 7% 1 year  Purchase of Cow only
3  Deposit Loan 90% of Deposit Deposit int rate + 2% Due date of Deposit  Fixed /Swayam vardhini/  reccuring deposits only
4  House Loans        
   House Loan to staff 4 Lakhs 7.75% 15 years  Purpose of House construction
5  Kissan Credit Card  (KCC)        
   Ordinary Loan 50000 7% 1 year  Agricultur purpose
   Kissan sree(Interest free Loan) upto 50000 nil 6 months  Agricultur purpose
6  Mortgage Loans        
   Ordinary Loan upto 5 Lakhs 14% 5 year  House repair, Domestic  purpose
7  NAST Loans (Non  Agri: Short Term  Loans)        
   Ordinary Loan upto 20000 13% 3 year  Business and House Repair
8  Over Draft Loan        
   Ordinary Loan upto 5 Lakhs 14% No duration  On the basis of Document/ FD  receipt
   Staff Loan upto 50000 6% No duration  on the basis of Salary