25% Divident declared on 2016-17



  It can be accept deposit from members and non members. Bank borrow  from the public in   the form of accepting deposit term. They are savings Bank deposit, Recurring deposit,   current deposit and .

   Bank accept small saving of people under this deposit. A customer  can open savings bank   account    with 100 rupees. This is a demand liability. There deposits are maintained by banks in order to mobilize the small savings of the people 4.5% of interest is allowed to this deposit . Depositor can withdraw the deposit through cheques.

  It is a monthly savings deposit. After a particular period the principle amount along with interest will   be refunded. Minimum rupees in 50 rupees loan are allowed up to 90% the deposits amount.

 Like affixed deposit Swayamvardhini deposit agree to deposit its clients money with the banker  for a fixed period . No interest will be given before the due  date. Interest will be calculated as compound interest rates.

  A customer is allowed to draw cheques and withdraw money from their deposits at any time. The   deposit are withdrawn whenever the customer wants to withdraw. Current account deposits are with drawable or payable on demand, hence they called demand liabilities also.

Bank generally do not pay interest for their accounts. Then accounts are mainly meant to meet the requirements of business people who frequently operate their accounts. There is no restrictions in the number of withdraw also of deposits and as such this very well suits the traders, businessman etc. who frequently make payments by means of cheques.

  Under this deposit a customer agree to deposit his money with the banker for a fixed period. A fixed deposit is a contractual liability of the bank entered with the depositor to pay at a fixed or determinable future date the amount of money deposited plus interest accrued share on. The depositor can withdraw the money from the bank only after the expiry of the agreed period. The period may very from 31 days to any number of year. Maximum period is limited to 10 years. Bank generally pay a high rate of interest for this deposits as the banker in free and sure to use them within the period fixed. There are also called term liability or time liability. A fixed deposit receipt is not a negotiable instrument and therefore cannot be transferred by endorsement by a depositor infavour of another.
Interest will be given monthly , quarterly or at end of the deposited period. Senior  citizen will be given 1% extra interest for this deposit from 6 months.


Duration Interest Rate Sr Citizen
 31 days - 45 days  6% 6%
 46 days - 90 days 6.75% 6.75%
 91 days - 179 days  7.25% 7.25%
 180 days - 364 days 7.75%
 12 months-23 months 8.25%
 Above 23 year 8.00%

  Deposit Amt Int % Duration Remarks
1  Fixed Deposit  1000 and above 6% to 8.75%  31 days to 5  years  Interest can be tranfered to  SB/RD/Any other bank account
2  Recuring Deposit  100 and above  monthly 8.25%  1year to 8year  Quarterly compounding
3  Savings Deposit  100 and above 4.5%  no duration  Daily int calculation
4  Current Deposit  100 and above nil  no duration  For institutions
5  Daily Deposit  100 and multiple 4.5%    Daily int calculation
6  Thrift Fund  250 and above 4.5%  no duration  Only for A class members, it can be  converted to share